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Zeitz Mocaa: It’s about us

By Siobhan Cassidy / 25th September 2017 / 0 Comments

Even in Milan, in London, in New York and other art-obsessed places it would have been difficult this week to totally escape the hype around the opening of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz Mocaa), the world’s largest museum of contemporary African art, in Cape Town. In the Mother City, too, there was […]

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Pleasing to the mind, the body and the soul

By Siobhan Cassidy / 5th September 2017 / 0 Comments

If it feels too good to be true, it probably is, the saying goes. Too good to be true = couldn’t be better … or could it? It was certainly dreamy enough watching a wonderfully varied programme of top quality dance at the SAIBC International Ballet Gala at the Artscape recently, with professional dancers from as […]

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Swing into spring in downtown Cape Town

By Siobhan Cassidy / 27th August 2017 / 0 Comments

Gangsters and their molls, bootleggers, poets and playwrights, flappers and assorted dandies … just another night at your favourite tavern in town, you might think, but Cape Town’s monthly swing nights, which are launching on 1 September at the Reserve at the Taj, promise a whole lot more. As winter breathes its last misty breaths, […]

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Give reality the slip at the Wild Coast 

By Siobhan Cassidy / 26th July 2017 / 0 Comments

The more things have changed the more they have stayed the same since the days when it was one of ‘Sun King’ Sol Kerzner’s original palaces of relaxation and fun in the nominally independent Bantustans of apartheid era South Africa. The resort – set on 750 hectares of natural bush on the Indian Ocean Coast, where the sun always seems to shine – continues to offer a haven from the chill and the rest of reality outside. […]

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Dump maths? Sounds like a race to the bottom

By Siobhan Cassidy / 6th July 2017 / 0 Comments

10X Investments called on South Africa’s Department of Basic Education this week to reconsider the “potentially catastrophic proposal” to remove mathematics as a pass requirement in the education system. “Just when you thought we needed to raise our game in terms of maths literacy, the national education department starts a consultation on lowering the standards,” […]

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Lest we forget …

By Siobhan Cassidy / 5th July 2017 / 0 Comments

Cheers to Sarajevo, which is showing at the Alexander Bar until Saturday July 8, is one of those universal stories about people who are not supposed to fall in love. This story about a love affair between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman during the captured and corrupt times of the Yugoslavian war feels […]

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The normalisation of madness

By Siobhan Cassidy / 29th June 2017 / 0 Comments

A number of insights during a debate at the University of Cape Town – Betrayal of the Promise: Understanding South Africa’s Political Crisis – came from the youngest panel member Sikhulekile Duma, a researcher at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition at Stellenbosch University. One, in particular, resonated with me when he talked about […]

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New classics infused with ancient African tradition

By Siobhan Cassidy / 26th May 2017 / 0 Comments

A Nigerian Kora player, a South African composer, a Kenyan master of ceremonies and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille were among musicians, VIPs and invited guests gathered at Iziko Museum in Cape Town to listen to “new classics” in celebration of the 54th anniversary of Africa Day on Thursday. After being warmed up by a […]

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Musical feast at Durban’s beachfront festival

By Siobhan Cassidy / 23rd May 2017 / 0 Comments

Durbanites look set to get a lot more than “what is needed” this weekend, May 26-28, when a star-studded line-up from around the world plays on two stages at the third annual Zakifo Music Festival at Blue Lagoon Beach. “Sakifo means what is needed in Creole,” says Jerome Galabert, one of the event’s co founders. […]

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Artists given licence to disrupt (as if they needed it)

By Siobhan Cassidy / 22nd May 2017 / 0 Comments

2017 looks like the year disruption will come full circle at Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival, from June 29 to July 9. Last year’s call for proposals urged, challenged, prodded and provoked the original disruptors – artists – to shake things up a bit. We have just a few weeks to wait to see how they responded. Urging dare devils and […]

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