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PowerTurtle hatches a plan to power school

PowerTurtle hatches a plan to power school

 An innovative, mini-power station, the PowerTurtle, will be launched at a primary school in an informal settlement in Gauteng on March 2, possibly heralding the start of a revolution in bringing power to schools that are off the grid. The power station in a container will officially be launched at Pheasant Folly Primary School in… Continue reading

Mafikizolo to melt the snow in Davos

Mafikizolo to melt the snow in Davos

South Africa’s Mafikizolo will be melting the snow in the Swiss town of Davos on Saturday night when they appear at the closing ceremony of the 2016 World Economic Forum. The South African duo, Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza, were asked to perform in Davos after their sizzling performance at the WEF Africa meeting in Cape Town… Continue reading


Curries work it for India at WEF

One normally has to travel to India (or maybe to London) to eat the best of a certain style of Indian food. From the centre of the World Economic Forum’s meetings in Davos, one must just negotiate a few (seriously perilous) pavements to get to the Make in India cafe for some super delicious Indian… Continue reading

Non-conforming veggies

Non-conforming veggies

The Rockefeller Foundation is handing out pickled vegetables with cream cheese to hungry delegates and  malnourished journalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The vegetables used do not meet industry standards in terms of shape or size and would normally be thrown away. A delicious, nutritious snack that would normally end up in the… Continue reading

V&A: the jewel in CT’s crown

V&A: the jewel in CT’s crown

The final numbers are not in yet, but it certainly looks like a bumper festive season for Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, with record trade figures likely to add to confidence generated by an announcement about a new mixed-use R700m Canal District. The company announced on December 8 that the development of the R700 million first… Continue reading


The big story of 2015 is the many small ones

Looking back over 2015, a few very big stories loom large (SAB-AB Inbev merger, Volkswagen emissions scandal, MTN Nigeria fine, to mention just a few). When you look a bit closer, you will see that the big story, especially in Africa, is the many, many smaller stories, frequently focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. As we… Continue reading


2015: A year of butterflies and earthquakes

From today’s viewpoint, 2015 looks like a year of global connectedness (t least in the world of business and finance … ie work), and not all of it of the heart-warming kind. Most of us have heard how a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can cause an earthquake in another…. Continue reading


The year SA wines earned a place on all the top tables

Let’s all raise a glass to 2015, a breakthrough year for South African wines around the world. If you are picturing millions of customers in the new world quaffing litres of the cheap and cheerful stuff think again. Not only is South Africa taking an increasing slice of expanding markets but the country is securing… Continue reading


Secret Santas and second children (Sigh)

Many people getting together at Christmas are reducing stress and expense by going the ‘Secret Santa’ route, where everyone buys one gift, either for a person chosen randomly for them or a one-size-fits-all type gift (according to the second-born of the Cassidy clan). It is not as untraditional as it may sound and, played properly, can include… Continue reading

UNFAIR LADY Nardus-Engelbrecht

A raucously familiar Unfair Lady

 Unfair Lady at Alexander Bar, Cape Town, until Saturday December 12 This stunning little number from Pop Art theatre in Joburg’s Maboneng district trawls the very fertile grounds of women’s magazines to create a riotous show that had me wincing and laughing hysterically from the Ed’s Letter to the Last Word. Hayleigh Evans and Rachael Neary… Continue reading


Nene gets the knife in the night

  President Jacob Zuma’s decision in the night to replace Nhlanhla Nene as Minister of Finance with a relative unknown was met with shock on Thursday morning in the South African business community, still reeling from the country’s credit being downgraded to just one step above junk less than a week ago. The rand went… Continue reading

Launch image

The cool, convenience of Uber rolls into PE

After much speculation about which African city would be next, Uber, the smartphone app that connects passengers with taxis, has said it will start testing its technology in Port Elizabeth on Thursday. Port Elizabeth is the ninth city in Africa to launch after Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Lagos, Cairo, Nairobi and Casablanca – a… Continue reading

A crown of feathers

A crown of feathers

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone who seems to have everything their heart could desire …  Through a series of photographs and short essays Alexia Beckerling takes the reader on a private, magical soul-searching journey to wholeness. She documents a life in constant motion. Now she is in Montana, now she… Continue reading


A creative revolution

When a Cape Town-based architecture and interior design firm asked their staff to work after-hours pitching against each other to do a comparatively small renovation on a little house in an informal settlement on a tight budget, one might have expected a lacklustre response. Who would have thought that a few weeks later, a grandmother… Continue reading


Sexy, cheap, useful

Visitors to Africa.com at the CTICC in Cape Town this week hoping to do some Christmas shopping might have been disappointed. Unless they were shopping for next Christmas, with many of the gadgets being futuristic in more ways than one. Lots of the products being showcased at the event from November 16-19 are yet to… Continue reading


A chic and shiny future

The future is in your hands, says Capo Cassidy, just be careful of those fingerprints NOVEMBER 2015: Capetonians are getting a peek into the future at Africa.com at the CTICC from November 17-19, and it is all chic and shiny … except for those little fingerprints, which seem to be a recurring hazard when life is… Continue reading


Paul is coming to SA!

South Africans are in for a sticky, sweet, frothy caffeine-laden treat when Paul, the family-owned French chain of bakery-cafés, sets out its stall in the country, thanks to a licensing deal with Famous Brands announced on Tuesday. Those who thought the arrival of Starbucks was something to be celebrated had better fasten their seatbelts. Established… Continue reading

Legends pass the baton

Legends pass the baton

There was a real sense of a baton being passed when the Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) announced the 2015 winners of the ACT Lifetime Achievement Awards and ImpACT Awards for young professionals at Sun International’s Maslow Hotel in Sandton this week. The room was filled with legendary figures, the likes of Caiphus Semenya (Lifetime… Continue reading

UNFAIR LADY Nardus-Engelbrecht

Young Africa works it

… in so many ways Ask today’s young Africans what they plan to do for a living when they grow up and the answer is not that likely to be as simple as lawyer, doctor, or architect. They can’t afford to put all their eggs in one basket as, say, a chicken farmer or a… Continue reading

Gypsy uncuffed

Gypsy uncuffed

Skywise Airlines’ co-chief executive says their air travel pass allowing unlimited travel between Johannesburg and Cape Town for a set monthly fee was such a success in its first month that the airline plans to make it part of their core business and expand it, possibly even into something like a Eurorail pass. Ooh, says… Continue reading

Winos 1; Foodies 0

Winos 1; Foodies 0

South African Airways announced this week that it had made a “proudly South African commitment to promote locally made wine,” which apparently pairs very well with all sorts of cuisines, including German. Until recently, South Africa’s national flag carrier had been offering sparkling wine from a province in the north east of France to business… Continue reading