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Practical, delicious … why stop there?

The Market on the Edge at the Cape Town stadium on August 28 and 29 showcases many tech-based innovations – robots and gadgets, apps and ideas to protect IP – as well as providing a platform for what seemed like the odd snake-oil salesman and even someone claiming to have created a time machine. In… Continue reading

Hearts broken, sides split

Hearts broken, sides split

A true story about life under apartheid that has the audience laughing out loud, hearty full-throated laughter? Really? You couldn’t make it up. You certainly wouldn’t make it up. And neither did John Kani and his co-authors, Athol Fugard and Winston Ntshona. Instead they pulled a narrative thread expertly through various periods and characters in… Continue reading

The night the set stole the show

The night the set stole the show

I managed to secure some of the last seats in the house for West Side Story at the Artscape Opera House on Saturday August 8. The balcony was all that was left. I was only a little disappointed because a seat upstairs gives such a great view of the group pieces, in this case two gangs… Continue reading

‘Old’ play sets new course

‘Old’ play sets new course

Born in the RSA is a play about apartheid, writes Siobhan Cassidy, but it is not in black and white. It is in full, fabulous multi-colour. Praise the Lord! One can tire of their particular racial hairshirt, whatever that may be, even if it is so much less hairy than everyone else’s. This revival of… Continue reading

G’town festival

G’town festival

Kill for a ticket? This reviewer just might The poster says Sold Out. People in the know are saying: Kill For a Ticket. Your mood is black enough (thanks to all the post-apartheid theatre you have seen post apartheid) to be happy to kill for a ticket but you can’t work out who to kill…. Continue reading

Fashion, fillies and finance

Fashion, fillies and finance

DURBAN, July 4 – The air around Durban was crackling with excitement on Saturday morning. It felt like all of Johannesburg and at least half of Cape Town had descended on the deliciously balmy but kind of sleepy town for the Vodacom Durban July, “Africa’s greatest horse race”. Fashionistas, fillies and financiers were under equal… Continue reading


A smokin’ love affair

“It has to be Ardbeg!” The (familiar) accent was reassuring, and the confidence disarming as Smokin’ Josh Smit elbowed the duty free sales guy aside and stepped in to help me choose a whiskey. He had listened to my description and had no doubt as to what I was after. So Ardbeg it was …… Continue reading

It’s own kinda cool: Durban

It’s own kinda cool: Durban

Cape Town’s little sister and Jozi’s country cousin, Durban has frequently punched way above it weight on the nightclubbing scene. Remember Zodiac and Ronnies? How about the sensational yet totally unpretentious 330? What the Indian Ocean port city lacks in attitude-soaked Big City Cool it makes up for in laid-back charm and spicy, richly textured… Continue reading


Not your average gin-joint!

Never before has taking medicine seemed so sweet. Gin, I am told, was originally made by monks as a treatment for gout. Tonic was added later in the fight against malaria. In a recent development, continuing the elevation of G and T from thirst quenching entertainment to life-enhancing elixir, it has been infused with the… Continue reading

While I was away I: Jozi

While I was away I: Jozi

While I was away, Johannesburg has turned its back on its old emotional insecurity and obsession with guns, gangs and guards and blossomed into a hip, arty, fashionable party town. From Parktown all the way Downtown, the city exudes that old familiar confidence, cockiness even. Now there is hope too. You can see it on… Continue reading


A tango on the tip of the tongue

Notes from a delicious year spent pairing Peruvian food with South African wine March 11 2015, Ormonde: Darlings of food and wine We had a gorgeous tasting with Hennie Huskisson, the winemaker from Ormonde in Darling, last night. He introduced us to some delicious wines and taught us his formula for judging grapes fresh from… Continue reading


A beauty, rain or shine

Even on a cold, rainy day the CitySightseeing (www.CitySightseeing.co.za) tour is a really fun and interesting day out in ‘Escape Town’. You might not be able to see the mountain but, hey, you know it is there. A visit to national treasure Groot Constantia is always fabulous and fortifying. The grounds and buildings are somehow… Continue reading


National treasure

Feeling patriotic? Reach for a glass of Constantia. As if you need another reason on a cold and wintry Cape evening … or a sweltering summer’s afternoon, for that matter. Seriously, though, this is the winemaker that belongs to the nation. I would like to shout it from the rooftops: Groot Constantia is a non-profit… Continue reading

Long Street: hold on to your hats

Long Street: hold on to your hats

Having visitors from out of town, we dusted off our pith helmets and went down to Mama Africa in Long Street. We were lucky to get the last table at this perennially busy tourist ‘trap’.  No false promises here. The atmosphere of excited people chattering in various languages to the sounds of clanging, banging, blowing… Continue reading


Day tripping: Kalk Bay

Some people insist that Kalk Bay is part of Cape Town; for me it is clearly a day trip from the Mother City. That says less about its distance from CT than about the feeling that one is miles away from it all when in this quaint seaside village … on holidaaaay even! Maybe a… Continue reading


Come on down to the lab …

Never mind the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s crazy cult-feeder of a storyline (Frank-N-furter, eccentric transvestite, cooks up perfect man in lab) I have a crazier one for you: Matthew Wild, director, has stewed up the whole cast for this show at Cape Town’s Fugard Theatre. Art imitates art… Frank-N-furter (Brendan van Rhyn) is just too… Continue reading


Tonight’s fun and games

After a super fab Thursday night at Keenwa, a bum in every seat (I kid you not), the Pisco bar is expecting a crowd of cool young theatre luvvies to watch Jireh’s debut show. Impeccable sources assure me that there is still room and a sensational cocktail or two for stragglers from office drinks …… Continue reading


Get rid of those hang-ups

Have you got too many hang-ups? Here’s a chance to clear out some of yours and help Capetonians without a single one. The second pop-up clothing store for the poor is on today, January 30 2014, on the outside wall of the Cape Castle, corner Sir Lowry Road & Darling Street, from 6:30am – 7:00pm…. Continue reading


Ok, I am in! Where do I sign up?

We have the power! Amandla ngawethu! We know it from those heady days in the early 90s when the idea of Mandela’s release from prison was catapulted from protest songs and dreams and into reality. We remember it crackling and fizzing like live electric wires along the queues for the election in 1994. We also… Continue reading


Back to the future

Lisa Malcomess takes a peek into the future in her bid to catch up on the past I haven’t been to the Michaelis Graduate Exhibition for several years but, with Cape Town becoming World Design Capital 2014  in a few weeks time, I have thrown myself back into the art world in an effort to… Continue reading

Free tickets sold out!

Free tickets sold out!

Today we are extra excited as we clutch our tickets for the Mandela commemorative concert at Cape Town’s gorgeous stadium. The tickets were free and include a free ride into town (on Golden Arrow or MyCiti buses or the train) but Computicket did run out. We will gather for a drink and a tapas or… Continue reading