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Tata is dead: we must grow up

Tata is dead: we must grow up

In his death, as in his life, it seems hardly a soul was left untouched. The days after Nelson Mandela’s passing have been filled with sadness and thankfulness. Most of us felt so blessed to have lived in his time, to have this giant of a man live amongst us. But Tata is gone; we… Continue reading


Sparkling, even without the bubbly

Lisa Malcomess (aka the Lady in the Purple Hat) sips on a glass of Veuve and imagines she is choosing a Christmas gift at the opening of Everard Read’s Summer of Sculpture exhibition at the Mount Nelson Hotel Sipping Veuve Clicquot and nibbling on delicious snacks while perusing Everard Read’s new Summer of Sculpture exhibition… Continue reading


Nik Rabinowitz: the Main Act

It is not only Nik Rabinowitz’s two small children nipping at his heels. There is a pack of hungry young wolves chasing him from behind. Cape Town comedy lovers are spoiled for choice. Memories of Loyiso Gola’s fab performance were still fresh in our minds when we joined Nik for a manic, fun-filled ride while… Continue reading


Christmas in Haven

The lunch for 100 people at the Haven in Greenpoint on Christmas Day will possibly be more orderly than the affair I am attending in KwaZuluNatal (they are quite excitable in KZN, you got to love those Zulus). Jerry from the Haven tells Call Off The Search that their lunch is no free-for-all (with a… Continue reading

Purple reigns

Purple reigns

Call Off The Search’s new guest columnist Lisa Malcomess (aka the Lady in the Purple Hat) was tickled pink (and reduced to an adoring, child-like fan) in the presence of Mary Sibande at the opening of her new exhibition, The Purple shall Govern (coincidence? We think not!), in Cape Town. ‘One glance across the packed… Continue reading


A scarlet harlot at the ballet

The opening dance in Cadence at Artscape made me cringe suddenly and unexpectedly. I wanted to shout: I have betrayed you! I am a scarlet woman! My second viewing of Joshua Beamish’s KeepCover brought memories of my first viewing flooding back. How hard I had fallen that day! My heart fluttered and my breathing quickened…. Continue reading

Ballet, like water for chocolate…

Ballet, like water for chocolate…

Ballet, like water for chocolate, is not supposed to boil. It is supposed to simmer, gently and lyrically, to soothe and reassure. Really? Well … maybe in another country or in another, more genteel, era. Not in South Africa in 2013, and certainly not in a steamy nightclub “somewhere in Spain”, where Christopher L. Huggins… Continue reading


Feasting in the Mother City

Aaah Cape Town in the springtime … restaurants always seem to be at the forefront of the Mother City’s annual revival and reinvention. For the coolest of cool venues for after-work drinks and light eats, La Parada has come to town! We were all puffed up and proud when we ‘discovered’ La Parada’s little sister… Continue reading

Maxime Holder, President of Paul

It was a starry, starry night

My first thought was that the setting would be the star of the evening. Then I saw Venus, shining brightly above and providing a magical layer to the lighting. There was a lot for the Cape Dance Company dancers to compete with at Oude Libertas Amphitheatre on a beautiful Stellenbosch evening. But we were quickly… Continue reading


Views on rooms

There is nothing like staying in different hotels a few nights in a row to sort the wheat from the chaff … I am going to start, not at the beginning, but from the top. Hog Hollow  The Crags near Plettenberg Bay From slick check-in (a glass of bubbly and a clipboard with a form… Continue reading


Superfab and superfly

Super fab, super fine and superfly, Loyiso Gola made us all laugh heartily at ourselves tonight … with […insert drum roll here please…] absolutely no guilt! Avoiding the old topics – the PWs, the koeksusters, the FWs and the mothers-in-law – was clearly no effort for him. It was more than his perfect Model-C accent… Continue reading


Corporeal calli­graphy

Joshua Beamish is not just another in a long line of experts from ‘the north’. He is not here to force feed ideas and impose templates. The Canadian-born, New York-based choreographer has come to put his magic into the pot with ours, and to make something new that we can all call our own. The… Continue reading

Just for a larf…

Just for a larf…

Miffed that you missed the tiny private viewing of Between (written by and starring Oskar Brown) in Hout Bay? Pissed that you couldn’t get to Edinburgh to see it at the festival? Oskar Brown in Bring-a-thing: Oskar Brown’s stand-up storytelling. This is what you missed… Edinburgh: A feast of a fest Boys, girls, straights, gays… Continue reading

Carpe diem! Carpe Langa!

Carpe diem! Carpe Langa!

“This is how I want to feel, walking down my street.” Photo: Rory Williams On October 12 Open Streets is closing Rubusana Street in Langa to motorised traffic to make way for Cape Town’s art-loving A-List as the Maboneng Township Arts Experience opens its permanent arts route in the Langa Quarter. If you are looking for an… Continue reading

Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion

It feels kinda silly to say it but there is SO much to look forward to in Cape Town right now. I say silly because it is not like there wasn’t so much to look forward to yesterday; it is not as if I haven’t already been driven to use up my limited vocabulary’s superlatives…. Continue reading

JeanetteAkuaScreen Shot 2013-09-26 at 16.21.55

Xhosa IS the X Factor!

(If this link doesn’t work search youtube for Jeanette Akua)

Insider outsider

Insider outsider

Some of us hit the ground running; others don’t. There are those who get it immediately. They skip off on a joyous journey, getting totally lost as they explore layers and layers of meaning. Others – like the poor and the unemployed in wealthy societies – are left outside …  surrounded by questions, they writhe… Continue reading

Banks at Baxter

Banks at Baxter

You may usually feel kinda smug that you are not upstairs in what is sometimes known as the cheap seats (“the waiting” room – as Mark Banks calls it), but you want to be careful about sitting in the front row with that particular smugness displayed. Mark Banks is gonna stretch out a big, playful… Continue reading

National Arts Festival 2011. Sadako. Writer: Peter Hayes. Director: Jaqueline Dommisse, PUppet Design: Janni Younge. Actor Puppeteers: Roshina Ratnam, Lee-Ann van Rooi, Mbulelo Grootboom, Lesoko Seabe, Pascale Neuschafer.

Sadako winner over the moon

Ferial Essa has more than one reason to welcome the sighting of the new moon that will mark the end of Ramadan. She will be taking a friend to see Sadako, the “exquisite” Bunraku puppet show at the Baxter. The UCT graduate’s name was drawn out of a hat and the 22-year-old who “loves food… Continue reading

Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu!

Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu!

Fresh from 67 minutes in the knitting circle (a bunch of shamelessly competitive backstabbers) we considered the great conundrum, Who won? What was the big success of 67 minutes at 9Needs? We mulled this question as we cleaned up the kitchen, which Michelle had Jackson Pollocked with pancake batter (the recipe for which will soon… Continue reading

Mandela Day!

Mandela Day!

Nice ‘pot’ huh? Come down to 9Needs Studio today at lunchtime and the potter Carlos Orte, aka Curley the Spanish guy, will show you how to make a ‘pot’ that would make Picasso proud. Or you could learn a little Xhosa or even some Spanish, take a painting class, be a nude model for a… Continue reading