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9 Needs

A beginning without an ending

My needs: Beginnings, bread, wine, cheese, endings.

When I went down to 9 Needs Studio’s first Indie Movie Night it was a beginning, there was wine and something like bread and cheese, but there was no ending.

I can’t help thinking that this beginning without an ending was part of the plan.

The movie Dog Sweat, a fascinating look at the lives of a group of 30-somethings in Iran, stopped 11 minutes before The End and nothing would restart it (or so they said…)

The end of this compelling film, which was shot secretly in the streets of Tehran, remains a mystery to us …

After some frustrated fiddling and apologetic mumbling we all tripped back to the kitchen for some more bread, wine and cheese. By the time we said our goodbyes we had forgotten our Need to Know What Happens in The End. We did nonetheless promise to return two weeks later to watch The End of Dog Sweat and (at least part of) another movie.

9 Needs’ Indie Movie Nights, a fortnightly gathering of like-minded people to watch independent shows and discuss ideas, is just the latest of the Good Doctor’s many projects. The movies and popcorn are free, the drinks are cheap (honesty box).

If the Red Carpet on opening night was anything to go by this event will be a haven for eccentrics and intellectuals, hookers and homos. I can’t say for certain but I suspect that Curly, the cute Spanish guy, is not for real; he is a paid extra who will turn up in a different guise on Tuesday September 11 for

The Bubble

‘a movie that follows a group of young friends in the city of Tel Aviv and is as much a love song to the city as it is an exploration of the claim that people in Tel Aviv are isolated from the rest of the country and the turmoil it’s going through’ … more info about this screening

I will be down there to hang my fedora on the back of one of the retro-classic cinema seats, which Doctor Feelgood bought on eBay after they were found at the back of a bingo hall in London that was once a cinema (or so they say…)

Look out for the soon-to-be announced live streaming from Barking in the UK  of Martini Bond: Her hunt for the spy who loved her mum.

Everything will be all right in The End …

If everything is not all right

It is not The End

Martini Bond live streaming at 9 Needs Studio, Friday November 21

Dress up

It’s 007, Make An Effort

Kind of camp, kind of classy

Suits (white?) and sunnies the boys and tomboys

Frocks and feather boas for the ladies and ladyboys

Show up

Friday September 21

From 8pm at 9 Needs Studio

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28th August 2012 3:22 pm

Thanks for the mention of Martini Bond. The indie movie nights sound a blast. Here’s to hearing about many more of them.

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