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We are all just hanging by a thread

By Siobhan Cassidy / 27th November 2019 / 1 Comment

Less than a week after hearing Zolani Mahola tell her very powerful and personal story, seeing An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life at Alexander Bar felt like paying another instalment on an old debt (for bullets dodged). An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life is Jervis Pennington’s story, told by himself, of how he went from lead singer in a […]

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Full circle with ‘the one who sings’ … and writes and heals

By Siobhan Cassidy / 25th November 2019 / 0 Comments

We remember Zolani Mahola performing with Shakira at the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup 2010, the eyes of South Africa, a broken country longing for healing, focused on the pint-sized powerhouse. What we don’t know is that her energy and joyfulness belied a lifetime of pain carried inside. The lead singer of Freshlyground, […]

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More first-class silliness from the Trolley Dollies

By Siobhan Cassidy / 17th November 2019 / 0 Comments

There are a lot of extras on the latest flight of fantasy from the Trolley Dollies – new cast members, some very impressively choreographed, well-rehearsed dance numbers, even eyewear from Oculus  – but Three Blind Mice is also the classic, trashy, first-class fun we have come to expect from the rudest and brassiest of broads, […]

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Smart townships: The key to a thriving South African economy … put on hold

By Siobhan Cassidy / 10th November 2019 / 0 Comments

A ground-breaking South African project to position South Africa’s townships as the Smart Megacities of the Global South is on hold while new funding is sought. It makes me want to weep … Under the leadership of Emma Kaye, the Cape Digital Foundation’s project, which started as a local government initiative to increase the uptake […]

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Satori: a sudden enlightenment

By Siobhan Cassidy / 3rd November 2019 / 0 Comments

Cape Town City Ballet’s appropriately (and rather deliciously) titled Satori certainly felt like enlightenment, if not so sudden. We have been watching this incredible transformation for a while. It is a delight to see Debbie Turner and her team breathing of new life into this fabulous ‘old’ ballet company. Satori, a trilogy of works – […]

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A feast of small tastes of life in parallel realities

By Siobhan Cassidy / 15th September 2019 / 0 Comments

shnit film festival: a feast of delicious tastes of parallel realities

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Cadbury ‘donates’ words so elderly don’t suffer in silence

By Siobhan Cassidy / 10th September 2019 / 0 Comments

As 10X Investments’ new Retirement Reality Report (RRR19) issued South Africa with a rather bitter warning about the country’s looming retirement crisis, there is sweeter news for the elderly in Britain, where a charity has teamed up with a chocolate maker to tackle an epidemic of loneliness among the aged.  Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched […]

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There is more than one fairytale in dazzling new Sleeping Beauty

By Siobhan Cassidy / 18th August 2019 / 1 Comment

Sleeping Beauty is an enduring and wonderful story, but the real fairytale in Cape Town City Ballet’s new production on Saturday August 17 was to see the extraordinarily talented Precious Adams dancing in her own ‘skin’. Adams, of the English National Ballet, is a black dancer who wears tights and shoes that match her natural […]

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Will your retirement savings last as long as you do?

By Siobhan Cassidy / 7th August 2019 / 0 Comments

For some people moving into retirement means that all their concerns disappear as if by magic; for the rest of us there is a great new downloadable e-book from 10X Investments: How to make your retirement savings last. The e-book is designed to help South Africans decide what to do with their retirement fund savings. […]

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The musical gets remixed and rebooted

By Siobhan Cassidy / 4th August 2019 / 0 Comments

Review: Kinky Boots, at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town, until October 27 Even the most curmudgeonly of curmudgeons will find it hard not to be cheered by this lovely show. Haters of the musical format, too, will be forced to crack a smile at how the cheesy formula of a preachy but ultimately uplifting […]

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A good first half for the JSE … who knew?!

By Siobhan Cassidy / 31st July 2019 / 0 Comments

A good first half for the JSE … who knew?! Watch this video for more info.

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One-man show cracks head, then heart, wide open

By Siobhan Cassidy / 13th June 2019 / 0 Comments

Review: Kafka’s Ape, Alexander Bar until June 22, after that at National Arts Festival in Makhanda, formerly known as Grahamstown Adapted and directed by Phala O. Phala; original design by Liesel N. Retief Performed by Tony Bonani Miyambo If Tony Miyambo’s performance in Kafka’s Ape wasn’t so riveting the goings on on-stage would quickly have […]

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The minister responds: SA rail agency is broken

By Siobhan Cassidy / 15th January 2020 / 1 Comment

A statement from Fikile Mbalula, South African Minister of Transport 15 January 2020 Prasa (the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa) has suffered blows from many years of mismanagement and deteriorating corporate governance. Today it is a broken organisation, struggling to provide an efficient commuter and passenger rail service. Overcrowded trains, ageing infrastructure, old rolling […]

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A long love affair with trains

By Siobhan Cassidy / 12th January 2020 / 7 Comments

There is something so special about a long-distance train journey. You travel through so much more than geography. It feels like you can see time, the seasons, emotions, history, your life … unfolding  … slowly. As you rock and roll gently through the countryside you see the scenery and the light change. You can feel […]

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A survivor’s guide to train travel in SA

By Siobhan Cassidy / 11th January 2020 / 28 Comments

A 10-point guide to resisting the South African railway service’s best efforts to ruin what should be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Forget images of train travel from a bygone era. Banish those pictures of elegant couples sipping Earl Grey or G and Ts as they rock and roll gently […]

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Fabulous festive fun for the family

By Siobhan Cassidy / 15th December 2019 / 0 Comments

Cape Town City Ballet’s A Christmas Carol, The Story of Scrooge is excellent festive family fun, a classic-but-light lesson in the power of good over evil, of generosity over meanness. Real Christmas spirit stuff. The cast, which often seems largely made up of children and child-like adults, delivers a jolly, heart-warming evening of playfulness and […]

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Nik in full bloom after a little pruning

By Siobhan Cassidy / 3rd December 2019 / 0 Comments

There is a reason that Nik Rabinowitz packs the house at the Baxter year after year. How we all love that hour or two of riotous laughter, the opportunity to step away from all the nonsense around us and laugh at a lot of it. I was surprised to hear this year that Nik is […]

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