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Tonight’s fun and games


After a super fab Thursday night at Keenwa, a bum in every seat (I kid you not), the Pisco bar is expecting a crowd of cool young theatre luvvies to watch Jireh’s debut show.

Impeccable sources assure me that there is still room and a sensational cocktail or two for stragglers from office drinks …

Prosecco for the people

Bellenda1*** Newsflash! ***

Keenwa has parachuted in a case of the newly landed Prima Cuvee from Bellenda, exceptional qualityShui2 Prosecco! They will be popping the corks on First Thursday, February 6.  Don’t expect there to be any left on Friday. To book your table at Keenwa call 021 419 2633

Shui1As if creative ceviche and crazy cocktails were not enough, Keenwa will be exhibiting works by Shui-Lyn White on First Thursday, February 6!

Here is a taste of Shui’s inspiration …

All there ever is, the long let go of that which can never be held, which is everything: a let go of time; a stretching away from us, stretching on to where, if we are present, time ceases in its space, and space ceases in time, and all is ever as it was or will be and we are the sum of all lives lived in our instant …

ImageOn the first Thursday of every month, balmy ones and wet breezy ones alike, Capetonians pull out their brollies, their sunhats or their beanies/tea cozies and hit the streets for a little creative cruising.

Galleries and bars on downtown’s Art Route stay open late and lay on fun, surprising things to pull people in.

The streets come alive!

Seen at First Thursday, November

This week, February 6, sees Keenwa, Cape Town’s ‘Peruvian Connection’, its only specialty Peruvian restaurant, throwing its hat (and watch, coat and trousers …) into the ring with creative cocktails and the arty-est ceviche.

Expect to be surprised at Keenwa.

Bookings recommended.
50 Waterkant Street (just off the corner with Bree), Cape Town, 021 419 2633

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