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Reminds me of ballet/life BC

Falling Angels … an all-women work … hypnotic score … inspired by the percussive musical rituals of West Africa … energetic and tumultuous … the dancers plunge into the vortex of the score.

Falling Angels by Nederlands Dans Theater 1

The description of the second of three ballets in Cape Town City Ballet’s upcoming Spring production brings back memories of the person I was, the life I lived, the town I lived in, the ballet I watched … before Covid smashed things up and put life as I knew it on hold.

Jiří Kylián’s Falling Angels is an all-women work created to a hypnotic Steve Reich score and inspired by the percussive musical rituals of West Africa. The energetic and tumultuous choreography is described as becoming riveting as the dancers plunge into the vortex of the score.

Kylián described it as “a study of the two most opposing properties of any art work: discipline and freedom … a symbol of a strife between belonging and independence, a dilemma, which accompanies all of us from cradle to grave.”

Falling Angels was first presented in 1989 by Nederlands Dans Theater; the Artscape show represents the first staging of a Kylián work by a South African company.

George Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco. Performed by permission of the ©The George Balanchine Trust. Photo: Paul Seaby

Falling Angels is the second of a three-part show, Alchemy – Three Dances, which honours three internationally celebrated male choreographers. Alchemy includes the South African premiere of Robert North’s internationally acclaimed Troy Game and George Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco.

“With the lyrical beauty of Concerto Barocco, the arresting power of Falling Angels and the delicious humour of Troy Game, we have strived to compile a programme that will lift your spirits for the start of a new season and time,” says Debbie Turner, CEO of Cape Town City Ballet.

Indeed we hope it will!

Troy Game performed by the KrefeldMönchengladbach Ballet company

The third piece of the trilogy doesn’t sound half-bad either: Troy Game is Robert North’s witty and engaging all-male work set to a Brazilian-flavoured score by Jon Kelietio and Bob Downes. It is a suite of athletic solos and intricately constructed moving friezes inspired by Ancient Greek war games and martial arts. 

‘A funny and sexy romp … an innovative blend of acting and movement that looks like the purest of pure dance pieces’

The New York Times

Balanchine’s neo-classical Concerto Barocco (performed by permission of the ©The George Balanchine Trust) is danced to J.S. Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins, the instruments personified by the two leading ladies of the cast and an ensemble of eight female dancers.

Alchemy will be presented at the Artscape Opera House from 6 until 13 November. Bookings are through Computicket and Artscape Dial-a-seat 021 421 7695.

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