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The work speaks for itself, meet me at the wall!

Jack Fox, left, and Mak1one at the launch of the International Public Arts Festival PHOTOS Melissa Cucci

Mak1one looked like he was made for the stage at the launch of Cape Town’s International Public Art Festival in Salt River on Friday, but he clearly couldn’t wait to get off it and back to the wall he is painting as part of the festival.

The well-known Cape Town street artist said he was very excited to be there – “too excited to speak”, in fact.

Blood, sweat and spraypaint: Mak1one at work

He thanked the non-profit organisation Baz-Art, which has put the event together, saying that he knew that a lot of blood, sweat and spraypaint had gone into organising it.

The festival is a launchpad for various local upliftment projects, including art classes for children and support for local people trying to start small businesses that can be connected to art, be they small galleries or walking tours or food stalls.

Mak1one is one of 33 artists taking part in the festival, which runs from February 10-19. During the festival, artists will be creating their work under the watchful eyes of locals and visitors in the neighbourhood surrounding the Blackpool Football Club in Shelley Street, Salt River.

The festival is open and free to all to visit. If visitors want a more locally informed experience they can pay R100 and one of the newly trained Salt River guides will take them on a walking tour.

Mak1one told the crowd gathered for the launch, largely local residents and art fans, that he felt he didn’t have too much to say. “The work we create will tell the stories … Meet me at the wall!”

“Anyway don’t they say … A picture is worth a thousand words”

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