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All hail Queen Caroline, long may she reign

Book Review: Reign by Caroline Hurry

Combining sweeping and sage words of encouragement with truths, tips and tricks on awakening to your “divine connection”, Reign makes living your best life irresistible.

Lyrical and lovely, poetic and poignant, Reign often made me feel like I was skipping along next to Caroline, witnessing her become her best, most authentic self. 

Caroline Hurry

While urging me to aim a lot higher in terms of honesty, authenticity and happiness, it also had me practicing small rituals to engender calm and clarity. Stop. Breathe deeply. Meditate. Run cold water over your wrists. Breathe. Listen carefully.

How I loved how this book meanders so comfortably between the absolutely magical and the truly gritty. It consistently walks the very fine line between wonder and (what I respectfully call) fufu, and real life. Inspiring and magical, it is also packed with anecdotes and information about real lives and legends, history and science.

Caroline is a sage, she is also humorous and humble and happy to be vulnerable. Reign is an encyclopedia to be picked up again and again. 

Reign is a fabulous gift for a woman of any age.

I listened on Audible, but also available on Amazon

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Caroline Hurry
17th May 2023 5:15 pm

Oh my! The joy of receiving SUCH a fabulous review is like sipping hot cocoa on a winter’s day!! Walking on marshmallow clouds… Thank you, Siobhan

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