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Blankets drive catches fire after dodging bullet

Christopher Slack


Call Off The Search’s blankets for cupcakes drive is back on track after dodging a bullet earlier in the week.

A spokeswoman for the site, who declined to be named, said an international call for assistance combined with a fall in the rand had helped get the drive to spread a little warmth and cheer among Cape Town’s less fortunate residents back on track.


The spokeswoman added that a second, unrelated international development (see article “China changes face of SA shopping experience”) meant the site had secured a shipment of 40 colourful, fleece blankets to sell to people for a mere R35 each to donate to the drive. Would-be donors should mail [email protected] for information on how to donate R35 (£2.50) to buy a blanket for the drive.

The latest available tally of blankets (in-hand and pledged) is 76, which is just 24 short of the pledge of 100 by Friday.

Scandal hits blanket drive

Children in slum

After regular announcements about the success of the blankets and cupcakes drive, Call Off The Search has been forced into a retraction.

The organisation, famous for courting scandal in the past, fingered the accounts department for “scandalously bad arithmetic”.

A re-count (verified by UNDP) confirms the tally at 42, still 8 short of the halfway mark with just days to go.

Call Off The Search is now on its knees, begging and threatening for blankets or cash for blankets (R40 buys a blanket).

Cupcakes for everyone!

Charly's delights

The icing is on the cake, there is a cherry on top. But they are not satisfied. The wonderful people at Charly’s Bakery have cooked up yet another way to make us beat a path to their door.

Not happy with the delectably deathly deliciousness of its cakes (“mucking afazing,” in their own words) Charly’s Bakery has launched a blankets for cupcakes drive. Anyone taking a blanket to Charly’s for distribution among Cape Town’s less fortunate residents will be given a Charly’s cupcake.

They said it
Nuff said

Who could resist?

And just when we had settled in for the winter …

Like most everyone in the Mother City we retreated indoors last weekend as winter blew her horrible horn on arrival. We wrapped up warm against the lashing rain, battering hail and bitter winds, and then (as one does) we spared a thought for “them out there”.

ImageOf course, twittering and tweeting about the less fortunate is as common as the cold at this time of year. Now has decided to join Charly’s Bakery in sparing more than a thought for our poor freezing neighbours. We have pledged to collect 100 blankets for Charly’s to distribute. We rang Charly’s to ask if they would welcome this and could handle donating 100 cupcakes on our behalf next Friday. Yes! They shouted. Thank you!

So our 100 cupcakes will go, along with the 100 blankets, to the less fortunate.

Walk into Charly’s Bakery at 38 Canterbury Street in Cape Town’s super-cool downtown district, The Fringe, and you will see that there is nothing half-hearted about Charly’s.

Charly's cupcakes
Cupcakes: Joyce and Tebogo

Everything in there shouts Delight! Hope! Now Charly’s is spreading some more cheer.

Now we are wondering if Fournos in Johannesburg or Bread Ahead in Durban will do something similar?

But back to the task at hand. We have two blankets (our own) and another one pledged so just 97 to go. If you would like to donate a blanket or be part of our efforts in any way please email [email protected] or Tweet @capocassidy. And please give Charly’s a big shout!

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Natalie Uren
4th June 2013 4:19 pm

Hot and sweet. I love it!

Jenny Parsons
Jenny Parsons
6th June 2013 7:25 am

I’m all out of blankets, so will buy one to donate. Great initiative.

11th June 2013 12:26 pm

I have 3 Blankets from Ian, and he is bringing in more tomorrow.

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