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ImageWe have the power! Amandla ngawethu!

We know it from those heady days in the early 90s when the idea of Mandela’s release from prison was catapulted from protest songs and dreams and into reality. We remember it crackling and fizzing like live electric wires along the queues for the election in 1994. We also know it from the World Cups, rugby and football, where we have united as South Africans.

So we know that the power exists and that it is ours. How do we keep it alive?

ImageHow do we put it to good use? How do we, to quote a tweet from Michelle Carey, bottle it and unleash it on next year’s elections?

The Mandela commemorative concert at Greenpoint Stadium was magical!

ImageZolani Mahola (Freshlyground) proved that she is queen of our world, even in the presence of Annie Lennox.

Johnny Clegg taught us a thing or two (learn an indigenous language!)

Shado Twala kept things moving along nicely throughout the evening without incident, although if there had been a roof the Bala Brothers would have lifted it … and I did wonder about one of those sign language interpreters … quite a while before it became fashionable to do so.

Cape Town’s junior mayor and the 12-year-old poet Botlhale Boikanyo filled us with so much hope for the future. But we know it is not enough to hope; we need to act!

So how do we capture the gees and keep it alive and active?

What would Mandela do?

Step forward Helen, Lindiwe and Mamphela.

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