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SA sports stars sneak into Tokyo disguised as park rangers

Team SA’s look for the opening of the Tokyo Olympics raised more than a few eyebrows.

The Twitterati were outraged at the fact that these outfits seemed to celebrate SA’s colonial past, rather than a modern and diverse African country, never mind the motherland of numerous ancient and rich cultures.

We are surely much better than this, much more interesting than the big Five, zebra prints and veldskoen?

For the older folk at CallOffTheSearch, Team SA at the opening ceremony of the delayed 2020 Olympics brought to mind an assembly of the Voortrekker Youth, others complained that it looked like an AWB bosberaad, and a third contingent said this lot could be confused with the park rangers at Kruger National Park.

The fact that the designs – with not a traditional bead or ceremonial emblem in sight – were designed by four young black designers from the Durban Fashion Fair mentorship programme made things worse for many. One dreads to think what the brief was like, talk about being co-opted.

In other news from Tokyo:

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25th July 2021 8:02 pm

All that’s missing is the comb in the sock! 🤣

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