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A crafty new take on the Don Pedro

There are so many craft breweries and distilleries in South Africa today. What fun to receive the below mail (slightly edited) from one of these ‘trendy young things’ reviving something that was big when we were trendy young things:

If you had to ask uitlanders (or even South Africans born after 1980) what Don Pedro means to them, they might mention the Prince of Aragon, a character in William Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing

But us South African children of the sixties and the seventies know Don Pedro as a grown-up milkshake (read: boozy), usually served in a stemmed glass.

And quite proudly South African, which is why Musgrave Copper’s Don Pedro must be on Mzansi’s dessert list this summer.

The Black Honey and Vanilla flavours of Musgrave Copper make this cocktail much more than a milkshake. Expect a melt-in-your-mouth blend of sweet and sticky that is the perfect answer to the question: ‘Dessert or one more drink?’

Musgrave’s new take on an this old classic is sexy, luxurious and sophisticated. You will cool down, but your night will heat up.

Sounds like Christmas!

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