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Whisky and water from the mountains  

Drinking my first Bains and water from Newlands Spring was a revelation. Aside from the gorgeous ritual of collecting drinking water at the Spring and the connection with other members of the community while standing in line, the water tastes great.

The absence of the slight tinny-ness, that ghost of a chemical whiff that I usually experience as a smell and a feeling rather than a taste, is much more surprising than its presence. So used to the poisoning am I that the absence is noteworthy. 

This is a beautiful ritual, lining up to collect fresh and delicious mountain water. Every sip of the water feels like a gift. I know for sure that it is so much better than drinking from the tap, or the total madness of buying bottled water.

It is for similar reasons that I stopped drinking my whisky from the land of my forefathers. Each bottle had collected too many airmiles and there are too many shareholders in the chain but, mostly, it was the taste that converted me.

Bains Cape Mountain whisky is complex and delicious yet somehow friendly and easy-going. It has a dash of spiciness, more than a hint of oak and smoke, and an overall super smooth finish. And it is local, like all of my favourite things!

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Barbara Magrath
Barbara Magrath
16th May 2024 7:56 am

Love the idea of sipping delicious local whisky with pure mountain water.As good as Cassidy’s Kombucha!

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