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It’s own kinda cool: Durban

DbnRoadNames2Cape Town’s little sister and Jozi’s country cousin, Durban has frequently punched way above it weight on the nightclubbing scene. Remember Zodiac and Ronnies? How about the sensational yet totally unpretentious 330?

101LogoV11What the Indian Ocean port city lacks in attitude-soaked Big City Cool it makes up for in laid-back charm and spicy, richly textured variety.

From the Chairman, way down on Point Road, to Absolute, in the leafy, once-vanilla suburbs, Durban is still rocking to its own rhythms. And 101 on Pine will soon take this clubbing cool to another level.

The Chairman makes a point of not marketing itself … that would only spoil the vibe. Anyway who needs advertising … the night we went, midweek and mid-month, it was full – but not brimming – with a multi-coloured and richly varied crowd.

And absolutely devoid of pretentiousness, that Mother City epidemic! Not a boy with a bun in sight!

Then on Saturday, Absolute on Florida Road, was jam-packed with a laidback and mixed crowd – in age, gender, colour, sexuality, style. A steady stream of great deejays makde it a great place to get down and boogie. On the downside, service was not great and they kept running out of things. No tonic water? Go to the shops forgodssakes!

Durban has a quiet understated cool that makes it big sisters look just a little brassy.

All eyes on 101 on Pine, opening on Friday May 15.

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