A crown of feathers

Feather 3DLooking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone who seems to have everything their heart could desire … 

Through a series of photographs and short essays Alexia Beckerling takes the reader on a private, magical soul-searching journey to wholeness.

She documents a life in constant motion. Now she is in Montana, now she is in Rio, then she turns up in Kyoto, next it is Cape Town. She is always running … away from pain … towards healing and wholeness. Stops on the way are punctuated by complete stillness, the freezing in time of a photograph.

The anchor in this stormy sea is a headdress, her totem. It transforms her from the introvert, the photographer and voyeur, into the goddess, an extrovert and performer, she who must be photographed.

A Feather in My Step charts the journey of a shy little girl who counted plants as her friends and lost her Mum at the age of 9 and felt so horribly ashamed at being different, a girl without a Mum. It takes us on a long, magically textured journey around the world, visiting sacred sites, embracing belief systems, dipping into religions. Like Alexia, we learn a little about every place we go as we watch her inner goddess emerging.

Book webThe contradictions – the extroverted introvert, the warrior-woman, the stillness of the photograph taken on the run – are so rich with insights and lessons. Nothing holds Alexia back, she grabs at all of life and . She inspires us to do the same.

At times I have felt grateful that Alexia has given words to my feelings; at other times I am wowed by the strength and grace with which she has borne hardship; all the time I long for the courage to put on my own headdress.

For more info go to www.AlexiaBeckerling.com

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Siobhan Cassidy

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