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A little lockdown antidote at the Raptor Room

In these times of agender, bigender and cisgender it can be easy to forget that the world is still divided into big, spacious, comforting norms and tiny, cramped little spaces for all the weirdos, geniuses, crazies and creatives in between.

A clutch of courageous and outrageous drag queens at this super-fun show/competition at Raptor Room reminded us of how pride and prejudice can rub up against each other and create fireworks.

If busty bombshells, devastating drags and trashy trannies are your thing you will want to keep an eye out for the next instalment of Sync or Swim at this lovely little local restaurant and events venue in Roeland Street. Inner city hipsters and baby dykes from Durbanville will find their gang here.

Next stop: Gate 69

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Lindsey Bagus
Lindsey Bagus
31st March 2021 9:07 am

‘When a gay man has Way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag queen. And when a tired little latin boy puts on a dress, he is simply a boy in a dress’

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