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All About That Jazz: Small act. Big hit!

geraldlabiaI defy you, dear reader, to find one person (well one who has amounted to anything) who thinks there is anything better than watching a bunch of your friends raising the roof putting on a jazz show at a theatre in your neighbourhood. Go on, I dare you: Ask everyone at your local tonight.

I bet you wish it was you who trotted down to the Labia Theatre and watched Gerald Schreiner (vocals) and friends light up the night.

Everyone has those friends, the guys and dolls who are dentists and used car salesmen by day, strippers and singers by night. Only some of us can say we have seem them tearing up the boards in The Theatre!

vegasNext stop … Vegas

Gerald can count us as fans as well as friends after tearing into many classics and ruining none. It takes a courageous man to fearlessly tackle everyone’s favourite song! I couldn’t help thinking that he took Nina Simone (God rest her soul) to another level.

Gerald was more than ably supported by his co-host Emile Minnie (keyboard and vocals), David Bolton (drums), Warrick Moses (clarinet) and Johann Botha (base).

We are all hoping for an encore … and don’t mind travelling to Vegas for it!

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Siobhan Cassidy

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