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A snapshot of SA at a key moment

What sometimes feels like a conspiracy of crises – from load-shedding and long-term economic distress for so many South Africans to Covid-19 and the national lockdown – has disrupted the collection of data for the annual Brand Atlas survey on what South Africans think, want and do.

Fortunately, the team who run the survey decided to view the nightmare disruption as a dream opportunity (to take a snapshot of the country at a pivotal moment)

Last year’s survey, Brand Atlas 5, sampled the universe of 15.1 million economically active South Africans, as determined by Stats SA (namely those with a monthly income in excess of R7,600 and access to the internet) through online completion surveys.

10X Investment’s annual Retirement Reality Report, which gives South Africans a much-needed reality check about the retirement savings landscape in the country, is just one of many reports based on the Brand Atlas data.

Brand Atlas 6 was already well underway when Covid-19 hit SA and our world changed so dramatically. All Told, which runs the Brand Atlas survey, decided to abort Brand Atlas 6 and replace it with a questionnaire that provides comparable insights wherever possible while also taking account of our altered reality.

There is no doubt that our world has shifted and our behaviour and needs are changing dramatically too.

“Recovery will be dependent on people spending money. If they are not spending, there will be no recovery,” according to All Told.

The new survey, Brand Atlas post-Covid-1, is ready for completion.

Complete the survey

Please consider taking take part in this survey. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete (or more than an hour if, like me, you like to give some thought to your answers … and maybe even make some notes and suggestions for feeding back 😂🤣😂). Please also share the link with friends, colleagues and family members.

Taking part will mean your views and lives will be reflected. Oh, and (not that any of us is in it for prizes) there is also R100,000 worth of goods to be to be won in the prize draw that is run as a thank you to everyone who takes the time to complete the survey.

Complete the survey

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