Mafikizolo magic


mafikizoloMafikizoloMafikizolo at Kippies, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Saturday 2 April

You can see the influence of FreshlyGround and even a little bit of Mango Groove on the journey, but the destination is pure, perfect Mafikizolo.

Their unique sound, a very South African mix of funky township jive and jazz overlaid with classic African house, all comes together very powerfully in their smash hit Khona.

Jazz singer Tsepo Tshola was hugely popular when he joined Mafikizolo on stage; South African Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa less so.

Cheering for Tshola turned to boos when Mthethwa, member of a rather unpopular government, came on stage.

But the night was definitely Mafikizolo’s!



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Siobhan Cassidy

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