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Are there any other Capo Cassidys out there?

Like ‘just now’ and ‘now-now’, ‘same-same but different’ is one of those quirky South Africanisms that means everything and …ummm … well … nothing.

In a new series of YouTube videos, 10X Investments is having some fun with the concept while delivering the message that even when we are the same-same we are different.

The point of the digital ads is to encourage viewers to complete a short quiz on the asset manager’s website.

Once they have completed the quiz visitors to the website will be delivered some custom-made information on savings and investments products that are appropriate for their stage of life/lifestyle, such as a tax-free savings account or retirement savings products.

10X is well-known for simple, low-cost investment options and quirky ad campaigns, including a series of Candid Camera-style spoofs on the public by well-known and loved South African comedians, Nik Rabinowitz and Siv Ngesi.

It has been a while since we have seen anything this interesting out of the often-quite-staid investment industry. We at Call Off The Search think this new ad series takes 10X to another level. Who knows they might just win a Bookmark Award next year …

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