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Not the daily news (but much better for investors)

10X Investments, Michael Avery and Classic Business have partnered to create a new weekly radio insert, Not The Daily News, that will largely ignore the daily news in favour of focusing on longer-term themes that are driving the market.

10X CIO Anton Eser

Episode #1,September 8 2022:
In the launch episode, Michael Avery talked to 10X’s Chief Investment Officer, Anton Eser, pictured left, about global recession.

Michael asked Anton questions about the potential arrival of a global recession, what form it could be expected to take and how long it might last.

Among other things, Anton gave some insight into the importance of the cycle of quantitative easing and the tightening we are seeing now. 

Noting that the terminology employed can often be too technical for the man on the street, Anton compared the cycle of easing and tightening to an alien spaceship filled with money landing on earth, buying up a bunch of securities and leaving.

Now, he said, the extraterrestrials have returned and are demanding their cash back.


Find out more by listening to the podcast

Not The Daily News airs on Classic Business on Fine Music Radio (101.3 FM) on Thursdays from 6pm.

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