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Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu!

Robert tries to make off with the pancake recipe

Fresh from 67 minutes in the knitting circle (a bunch of shamelessly competitive backstabbers) we considered the great conundrum, Who won? What was the big success of 67 minutes at 9Needs?

We mulled this question as we cleaned up the kitchen, which Michelle had Jackson Pollocked with pancake batter (the recipe for which will soon be copyrighted and sold as proof of Success Story Number 1).

Pumeza and Renee, the HIV and TB testing and counselling team, said they were surprised and pleased at how many people had turned up for testing. And it wasn’t just us, people hanging about doing 67 minutes of knitting and/or backstabbing, being tested.


People had spotted posters in the streets around 9Needs, some of them on church walls and coffee house windows, others near dens of disrepute and other less savoury ‘service providers’ (see photo). Various people wandered in and asked to be tested.

Meridian will measure the success of her 67 minute intro to Xhosa in commitments from attendees to join one of her 7-week courses starting next week. Others will measure it in improved renditions of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika before showing of rugby games in their homes.

The day was a great success: connections were made, squares were knitted and deals were struck.


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