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A super cool and rather elegant stocking filler

It is the perfect time to stock up on these gorgeous, environmentally friendly and very elegant glass straws.

It is the perfect time for us not just because quite a few of our originals have disappeared (perhaps they are on the run with all those Tupperware lids and single socks), but also because the prices have been slashed!

They are also available in shweshwe cases, which makes them perfect as gifts for one’s more sophisticated friends (eco-friendly types, say, or those who already think they have everything their hearts desire).

We received this note today:

Suck It Straws is back and has an extreme sale on, while stock lasts!

The idea is to bring back the reusable glass straw trend, at the most reasonable price possible.

The straws come in a beautiful funky shwe-shwe pouch hand made by the Lovely Sarah Usenga. All straws come with a nifty stainless steel cleaner.

These straws make for perfect Christmas gifts (stocking fillers for children and grown-ups), to pop in gift bags at events, small gifts for colleagues, or just to collect a few in a jar for your bar. Buy yourself and family members a few so that you can put them in handbags and sports bags so that none of you is ever without a straw.

The straws are stylish to look at and drinking through them – whether it be a fruit smoothie or a cocktail – feels very luxurious.

They are made from borosilicate glass, so stronger than normal glass and can withstand extreme temperatures. They are dishwasher-friendly too. 

They make the most lovely gifts, and, at this price, it is worth stashing a few for those surprise gift requirements.

Contact Jenny on +27 79 480 9252 or [email protected] to place an order or to find out more. 


Per straw (no pouch with cleaner):Per straw (in pouch with cleaner):Per straw in box (incl. pouch & cleaner):Per double box (incl. 2 x straw, pouch & cleaner):
1-9 strawsR30R40R45R70
10-29 strawsR25R35R40R65
30-49 strawsR20R30R35R50
50-99 strawsR15R25R30R35
100+ strawsR12R22R27R32

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