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The future is here (almost) and it is fast and loose

devilsdigupResidents in at least one leafy suburban street (mine) in Cape Town are facing down noisy chaos this morning with the unannounced arrival of workmen to dig up the street and lay fibre.

Alerted by a lot of unusual noise in the street this Devils Peak resident went out to discover a large team of workmen digging up the pavements. They were laying fibre apparently.

The foreman helpfully added that if I wanted to go anywhere by car before midday I should move my car now.

I am all for us doing everything we can to propel our sleepy little village into in a fully wired future that is fast and cheap but can’t help wondering why we weren’t told about this … yesterday … last night?

digdrivewaysMy neighbour tells me that she knew it was coming but that seems to be largely because she “saw them getting closer”.

Another neighbour tells me that he received a flyer in his post box and a visit from someone informing him.

Well I am happy for them but I am a ratepayer and the City of Cape Town has my email address and phone number and I heard nothing. This all seems a little too fast and loose for my liking.

Talking fast and loose, let’s see how quickly Octotel and the City of Cape Town respond to my query about why I wasn’t warned.

And while we are at it can I just ask which one of you it was that mucked up the weather …

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