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at the Electric
October 8, 2022


Aqueerium #1 was a knockout, as we wrote on March 20:

Sometimes the clique-iest of cities, Cape Town can also be the most welcoming, super-liberal carnival of quirkiness and queerness. Saturday night at Aqueerium was the best example of the latter.

The crowd would have been the envy of whomever did the casting for those glorious Benetton adverts back in the day [shows my age, I know … forgive me, it was the 80s anthems that took me back].

It was a super mixed and fun selection of gorgeousness: all ages, genders, colours, shapes and sizes. A lovely, friendly crowd in a gorgeous space.

This first (but hopefully not last) Aqueerium party was hosted by Tenille Lindeque whose Rouge Revue burlesque troupe has been teasing and titillating theatre-lovers in the Mother City for quite some time.

The delightful crowd at the event at The Electric in the East City on March 19 was set up by an invite appealing to “the queer, or queer-ious, masc or femme, he, her, zie, sie or them, 0 to 100”.

The acts expanded on the fluidity, with every kind of sexy on stage. Powerful and provocative performances, especially the bravest of numbers by Mikky George, a Trans Performer, pictured.

Sometimes surprising, kinda shocking, at times outright confronting, this was a night when everybody opened their hearts and reserved judgment.

Even if being yourself meant asking kinda dumb questions of younger people about processes and pronouns. [Apologies dears, we are Generation X. Don’t worry to thank us for inventing the internet or getting rid of apartheid, but please do be patient as we work on our wokeness.)

Other performers were Baby Ray, Bon Bon and BB Vahlour (video, right).

“The night was a combination of MCQP, Madam Zingara and the Rocky Horror Picture Show … and the dodgiest dives I frequented when I dated a stripper,” said Lisa X, local florist-cum-construction manager.

What a wonderful night, the best kind of Cape Town night out.

Deckhand Kelz

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Charles Brent
Charles Brent
21st March 2022 7:43 am

A perfect piece written so well describing our first “public” outing since lockdown enforced (extended again 😩 by the Dlamini Zuma craziness). May this mark the first of many. Well done for organising a great fun evening.

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