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Imagining, like fermenting

The Fermentary by Sepial is coming! We are reliably informed that a lease has been signed @makerslanding at the V&A Waterfront.

“I have been dreaming of opening a space to learn, teach, share, enjoy the benefits of fermentation,” says Sepial, who adds that this plan has been fermenting for a while now.

This lady has the patience of … uhmm … a master fermenter. She says her business plan was finished just before lockdown and she has been eyeing Makers Landing since before it was built.

Finally. Everything is gathered together,

she says.

The Fermentary will no doubt have some very special powers. We expect magic to be worked with the ingredients and with the people who visit.

In Sepial’s own words: “Imagine you stop by us and shop for readily available products. You are so inspired that you join our workshops making kimchi, gochujang, vinegars and you name it around a big table watching a cruise ship dock right outside.

“Also imagine you share a table with the like-minded and indulge the layers of flavour created with help from little microbes.”

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The post below from March 2021 is what we thought of Allium, Sepial’s (previous) restaurant in Cape Town, another victim of the last few tough years: 

Our best for romance, intensity and intimacy: When the wonderful Sepial is not serving her sensational Asian food at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, you will find her at Allium at 37 Parliament St, Downtown. (Ed’s note: Not any more unfortunately…)

Sepial’s food has long been our absolute favourite in the city of foodies. The dishes are described and delivered by Sepial herself or her son, Mooru, which makes this a family affair that is intimate as well as authentic.  

The way every dish manages to combine surprise and comfort hits you over and over. The impact is not lessened on the second, third and fourth visits. The woman is a genius.

Slivers of zesty freshness set all zones of your tongue alight. Zingy kimchi cuts through the luxuriously rich flavours of Korean fried chicken. A deeply flavoured broth nourishes the body and the soul. Bibimbap tastes like it sounds, a playful and delicious dish that will make you want to dance.

Sepial’s food makes you breathe deeply, smile, raise your eyebrows, roll your shoulders. Allium is whole body experience.

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