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Madiba: A view from the island

A View from Robben Island (monoprint and mixed media on cotton paper: 50cmx76cm)

Republished from the Instagram account of our firm favourite @shuilynwhite (cover photo is also hers, from our own collection):

I am incredibly honoured by Zeitz MOCAA to have this work selected for their Home Is Where The Art Is exhibition, which opens on the 22nd of October.

As a human being and an artist, I felt it important to decipher and record the experience of 2020’s coronavirus in all its aspects: physical, psychological and emotional.

Lockdown, isolation, social distancing: the known world made unknown as people disappeared behind closed doors and masks.

I wondered at this tangible yet intangible distance that appeared between people, no longer allowed to hug our loved ones, or reach out a friendly hand.

The danger of touch.

I looked out of my window at a neighbourhood made unfamiliar and unreachable by this new distance.

Though our times and circumstances are different, it made me reflect on Nelson Mandela imprisoned on Robben Island, looking out of his cell window towards Cape Town. A different kind of isolation and separation.

Yet I wondered how it must have been for him to gaze on his world made distant and think of his family now beyond reach.

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