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Twisted drama feels like a dose of therapy

At a National Arts Festival packed with psycho drama, the dark little comedy Father, Father Father! felt like a good dose of therapy … if not a dose of good therapy.

The award-winning play – created by Roberto Pombo, Joni Barnard and Racheal Neary – conjures up all sorts of weirdness and creepy possibility as three sisters, who are stuck in a basement, await the return of their father … and a big black horse.

Directed by Toni Morkel, this somewhat disturbing but very amusing play by Robaby productions, is heavy with metaphor. It frequently seems twisted, but then that’s open to interpretation.

As expected, Pombo fools around in his fishnets a bit. His idea of slap and tickle slaps the audience around in a playful way which never quite becomes menacing.

Excellent performances by Neary and Barnard as two oversized little girls who veer between saccharine and sinister.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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