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More media workers thrown to the wolves 

A little note from my old chum, Sandy Welch …

The news that Media24 will be retrenching a possible 400 people and redeploying another 400 is a massive blow for the media industry. The fact that the South African economy is weak and jobs are scarce makes it even worse.

Retrenchment is one of the most soul-destroying events a person can go through. I should know – I’ve been retrenched seven times. At a glance, that makes it sound as if I must be the worst employee, but I’ve just had the (mis)fortune to work in an industry that I love but that has changed and evolved at such a rapid pace over the past 35 years.

Magazines have come and gone over the years (think back, if you can, to some of those iconic titles that no longer exist: Style magazine was one I worked on, so was Marie Claire, although that situation was the result of a change in ownership). As editors, writers, copyeditors, designers and so on we’ve had to learn new skills, adapt to the times and move on.

However, every time a title closes, a team downsizes, a takeover happens and you are no longer needed, it’s a blow in so many ways. One of the most overriding emotions, I’d say, is confusion. How did this happen? Why me? Could I have done something differently? And most importantly, what do I do now?

That’s why I’m so happy that friend and former colleague (as well as classmate back in the day) has compiled this essential 10-step guide for people who are in this situation. It’s a clear, concise toolkit to what you need to know – and what you need to do.

Renowned labour lawyer and politician Michael Bagraim has endorsed it, and media industry recruitment stalwart Viv Gordon has also given her input. It’s really a must-read for anyone in this situation. The toolkit is available as an eBook download, and is free (although you can also make a welcome donation to the author for her troubles).

Access it here:

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