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Living with fire: ‘a dance, a death, a love, a life’

Sharing some of an inspiring update from Roushanna at Veld and Sea on recovery and rebuilding after last year’s wildfire:

“There’s so much to report on from the last few weeks with the big wildfire that swept through Cape Point late December bringing 2023 to an unexpected and dramatic close.

“Within this process of rebirth, there are many exciting things to share as we move into a full year of forages and events, with a crystal bowl sound bath, scorpion and snake walks, a pop-up dinner, immersive foraging adventure weekends, kelp cooking classes and a fun fire fundraiser. (Link to all events at end)

Cape Point Wildfire 20/11/23: “It’s been overwhelming to find images and words to try to convey what happened, not just about the emotional and physical experience of the fire, but the flood of community care and support and the crazily narrow escape, but also now – on the other side of it all – celebrating the life that springs forth after the devastation of a fynbos fire.

“Nature’s seasons and cycles remain an endless fascination, a sacred place of learning.

Aerial shot by Naude Heunis of the tiny green oasis sitting in the scorched landscape

“This recent image captures a small green oasis amidst the scorched landscape, emphasising the significance of firebreaks in preserving this cherished land, including the Veld and Sea premises, our homes, plant nursery, animals, and gardens.

“Living in a fire forward landscape is a dance, a death, a love, a life.” For more post fire stories and documentation, head on over to our instagram @veldandsca

“Nature’s timings, seasons and cycles are more complex than what meets the eye, and there is always more to learn.

“This year, like fire lilies rising just 9 days after a burn, we will rise from the ashes and welcome hope with open hearts.

“The resilience of nature offers solace and a reminder of the cyclical beauty that follows these unpredictable ecological events.

“We are all fine and by the grace of nature, besides losing greenhouse structures, many of our nursery stock plants, succulents and tree seedlings, a devastating loss of irrigation pipes and water systems, all our main structures are standing and we are able to continue living and working from our oasis.

“Join us for an upcoming fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds will directly support post-fire repairs.

“We invite you to be a part of this meaningful event!

Immerse yourself in a delightful afternoon featuring live music and DJ’s, delectable wild flavour tacos, a botanical fynbos bar, and locally sponsored wines.

“It’s a chance to come together, enjoy good company, and have a positive impact on our plant nursery’s recoverv.

“Tickets are R350 per person. If you can’t attend in person but would to contribute, please click on the ticket link below to purchase a donation ticket at the value of your choice. Your support is greatly appreciated!”

Book tickets/make a donation

View all other upcoming events here:

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