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Heaven imagined … in broad daylight

I do not know how words could possibly do this justice. David and Venus and their fellow angels, nymphs and caryatids (who moonlight with the Cape Town City Ballet) dancing in the heavenly gallery that is the Norval Foundation.

What trickery is this, I hear you ask. It’s true, these dancers have been captured in broad daylight making love to William Kentridge’s exhibition, Why Should I Hesitate? (Click through slide show above)

CTCB's Emily Isted by Nardus Englebrecht
Cape Town City Ballet dancer Emily Isted. Picture: Nardus Engelbrecht/CTCB

Don’t hesitate, watch this glorious 11 minutes for just R50 (yup that is a few green-backs and even fewer pounds) at Watch it over and over again because your ticket is valid for 48 hours.

I have watched this 11 minutes of heaven four times (so far) and it is still getting better. I wonder when I will climax .. 😉

It feels incredible to be captured in a beautiful bubble with William Kentridge, the dancers and the music (composed for this piece by Peter Johnson) at Norval. (Wearing a headset really magnifies the experience.)

Today I am going to buy a viewing as a gift for a little girl, a budding dancer I know. It is a bit more complicated than just buying her the link, though, because 11 minutes of video will use up her Mum’s cellphone data. I don’t want to give her a gift she can’t enjoy.

This makes me wonder if, in this new Corona World of ours, where just about everything is online, someone is selling packages of events and the data required for viewing/engaging with them. Imagine if I could send her this link connected to data for 48 hours so she, like me, could watch it over and again.

Data is a precious commodity in many communities around us. This locks so many people out of so much.

How about some innovative data provider creates packages for specific events – lessons, shows, presidential addresses – that include data.

It could be the next #CallMe, a service that allows people to access networks without spending money. #Callme, designed so that people who had no call time or data could get a “please call me” message to someone who did, resulted in so many calls being made. Ka-ching … even more cash for mobile companies and the circle of inclusion gets widened a little. Everyone wins.

What do you say Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom?

Please comment below. Input so very welcome.

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Cath Neill
Cath Neill
18th August 2020 6:18 pm

Lovely! Thank you for continuously sharing these wonderful ideas of things to do, see and gift to loved ones!

Caroline Hurry
19th August 2020 9:35 am

Gosh this is absolutely GLORIOUS!! And so inspirational. Combining my two loves – ballet and art! Thanks for posting Siobhan

Andy Da Conceicao
Andy Da Conceicao
19th August 2020 12:21 pm

Thank you Siobhan,

This was a sublime production on many levels and a great privilege to experience.
The Norval Foundation has acquired the work in the atrium , “The world on it’s hind legs” which the dancers performed around . This will be installed in their sculpture garden for all to enjoy .

I enjoy the enthusiasm in your writing Siobhan, it is infectious!



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