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Take a peak under the Mother City’s petticoat

Or, as others describe it, join a walking tour that ‘traverses more than five centuries of the tidal swell of humanity upon these granite shores …’

This preview of the weekend’s Cape Town walking tour (with the inimitable, super-quirky and unusually well-informed Cameron Peters) of Cape Town Heritage Tours from their Facebook page:

This Sunday (27/10) from 2pm we’re going to spend 2 hours (and some change) wandering Cape Town’s very own Sunset Strip. We will launch from the quaint shade of the old Round Church intersection and the mid-afternoon snacks of the Atlantic Express to absorb everything in our path before making landfall by the candy-cane stripes of the Green Point Lighthouse near the back of the Breakwater.

We’ll traverse more than five centuries of the tidal swell of humanity upon these granite shores, taking in the sights and hearing the stories of the Flying Dutchman and the shipwreck capital of the world. We will trace the lineage of mariner families from every ocean as we compare the starkly beautiful landscapes of the first great seaside estates.

The military sagas of our private modernity will be revealed in the shadow of Fort Wynyard, as will the tracks of the old tramways that used to be as synonymous with the city as the Noon Gun. We will pay homage to the Khoisan, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Cape Malay and Jewish ancestors who first bestowed the space with its world-class cosmopolitan credentials.

With the Atlantic Seaboard gentrifying quicker by the hour, there’s no better time to grab a pair of Cameron’s nostalgia-busting goggles and come down to see this iconic quarter as if for the first time, and in its entirety.

Bring your sun-screen, your curiosity, your open-mindedness and your memories. You will need the stamina to walk a little under 3km with stops for snacks. Invite your friends. To RSVP DM Cameron using the link on

The tour starts outside the Atlantic Express Restaurant at 2pm and finishes at the Green Point Lighthouse a little over 2 hours later. Do a two-car system, park in the middle, or take the MyCiTi bus the whole day, to and from everywhere.

Special price for locals is R100 for those who pre-booked, and R150pp for those who join at the last minute. Supplement for visitors is R100, but if you really can’t manage the $5.28, €4.97, £4,33, Cameron, in true SA spirit, is happy to negotiate. Either way, WhatsApp or Message via the buttons on the home page to secure your place.
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